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Simard adds four eCascadias to Quebec fleet

July 18, 2023 Admin No Comments

Simard adds four eCascadias to Quebec fleet

Simard Transport has added four Freightliner eCascadias electric Class 8 trucks to its Quebec fleet.

It called on Hydro-Quebec subsidiary Cleo to provide the charging infrastructure, consisting of two Detroit eFill 120 kW and two ABB DC wallbox 24 kW chargers. The trucks themselves have 438 kWh of battery capacity and power equal to 470 hp.

Simard said these are the first four eCascadia trucks to be delivered to a Quebec-based fleet by a Quebec dealer. The transaction was made through Globocam.

“Globocam supported Simard Transport throughout the decision-making process. We participated in technical and operational analyses to ensure the trucks meet their needs, provided training, and assisted them in the subsidy application process,” said Guillaume Chénard, vice-president of sales at Globocam.

Cleo also commended Simard for its leadership in decarbonizing its fleet.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Simard Transport to offer our turnkey service and dynamic charging management through our smart platform,” said Jeff Desruisseaux, CEO of Cleo. “Cleo’s mission is to support fleet operators from all sectors in their successful transition to electrification. This collaboration will drive the transformation of heavy transportation toward a sustainable future.”

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